11 Ways to Stay Safe When Traveling

Travel Safe

If you’ve been watching the news, then no doubt you’ve seen many news stories about recent deaths and tragedies happening to people while they were on vacation. These kinds of news reports can strike fear into those contemplating a vacation. But instead of allowing fear to make you miss out on a great vacation…let’s go over a few tips so that you can stay safe while traveling.

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

This is good advice at all times, even when you are in your hometown. Let’s face it, crime happens all over, even in the smallest of towns. Being aware of our surroundings keeps us in charge of our safety.

When walking or driving, be aware of what’s going on around you. This can also help you to avoid accidents like a trip hazard or another person driving erratically. If possible, find someone to accompany you. If this isn’t possible, just be vigilant of what is going on where you are.

In this day of smartphones and devices, please don’t look at your phone while you are walking around. You need to be aware of your surroundings and having your focus on an electronic device can make you look unaware and vulnerable. Also, avoid wearing headphones in public as your sense of hearing is a great asset in remaining safe.

Looking at your phone makes you less aware of your surroundings.

Check your vehicle before entering to be sure there is no one inside or that there isn’t someone loitering in the parking lot near where you are parked. If you feel insecure, go back into the location you came from. Find a security guard or other official who can accompany you to your vehicle.

2. Stay in Well-Lit Areas

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s always best to stay in well-lit areas where you can see your surroundings and who else is there. When you are traveling at night, find a group you can travel with, if possible.

3. Take Care of Your Beverage

Trying a new beverage on vacation can be a lot of fun, but it’s always a good idea to watch your drink being made. If you are unsure about the safety of your mixed drink, choose a beverage in a bottle.

Keep an eye on your beverage at all times!

Also, keep an eye on that drink. Some people keep their hands over their drinks while engaged in conversation to make sure no one can slip something into their drink. Never leave a drink or food unattended.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much

Too much alcohol makes you lose your inhibitions, and will make you less aware of what’s going on around you. This can make you an easy target for crime. Know your limits so you don’t go overboard.

5. Leave Your Valuables at Home

That beautiful jewelry or watch may look great on you, but it can make you a target for criminals. It’s better to keep those kinds of things at home and only bring the essentials.

6. Keep Other Valuables Hidden

There are some things you’ll need to bring with you when you travel, such as your money, credit cards, passport, ID, phone, camera, etc. Keep what you can on your person. Never put these things in a back pocket, as it’s an easy target for pickpockets, as is the outside pockets of a backpack. Consider a money belt for keeping these items safe and secure. It can be worn under your clothing, making it undetectable to pickpockets.

If you carry a backpack, keep it on your front. It will be harder for someone to break into it if it’s right up against your chest. If that’s not a possibility, then just be aware…keep a lock on it if possible, and again…keep the super valuable stuff at home or locked up in your hotel room.

Take only the money and items needed for that day. It’s never wise to be walking around with a ton of cash on you. Take what you need for the day and keep it hidden as well as you can.

7. Don’t Be a Hero

Reports indicate that resisting a robbery or a mugging can result in more violence than just letting the thief take your stuff. Your stuff is NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE!!!

No, you don’t want to just give your stuff away, so as with the tip above, keep your valuable stuff on your person, don’t take too much with you when out and about, and be aware of who is nearby you.

8. Keep Track Of Your Credit Cards

If possible, monitor your credit cards online to be sure you haven’t had your number stolen. Also, keep your credit card phone numbers in a separate place in case your cards are stolen so that you’re able to cancel them immediately.

9. Purchase Travel Insurance

Many travel insurance plans offer Baggage Coverage, which provides coverage for loss, theft, or damage to your baggage and covered personal effects during your covered trip. Keep in mind that it may not cover the entire expense of let’s say a $3,000 camera, but it may help defray the cost of getting a replacement should the worst happen.

10. Inform Family and/or Friends of Your Itinerary

This is so important. Email your close family members or friends your full itinerary, including when you plan on leaving and returning. This way if they don’t hear from you, they can take the necessary steps to inform the authorities, or the embassy, etc.

Be sure once you send the itinerary that they have actually received it and have an idea where you will be and when you plan on being back.

11. Don’t Overshare With Strangers

While it may be exciting to share all your travel plans on social media, don’t go crazy with sharing the details of your trip. Those with ill-intentions may use this information against you!

If you are speaking with a local, avoid giving details about where you’re staying. It’s okay to be vague and just name an area or a town near where you are staying. Even fellow travelers don’t need to know exact details. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

We hope these few simple tips will help you to remain safe on your next trip! We understand that travel can be a little intimidating if you allow current events to scare you. But, by staying informed and alert, you can have a great, safe trip to any destination!

Happy Travels!

The Team at Wander The World

Why A Travel Agent Will Save You TIME and MONEY


When it’s time to plan a trip, how do you go about it? Do you get online, pouring over travel websites, comparing prices and itineraries? How much time does that cost you?

Most Americans, when planning a vacation follow the steps above. In fact, according to Expedia’s article, The American Traveler’s Path To Purchase, more than 3 out of 5 users consume travel content. This means looking up things like hotel rooms, flights, resorts, attractions, etc. The closer the trip gets, the more time is spent on these types of websites.

How much time are Americans spending? Something to the tune of 8.7 BILLION hours (Jan 2015-April 2016) in a 15 month period, with the numbers going up all the time! For most of us, time is money. How much money does all this time cost you?

What Is Your Time Worth?

Most people searching for travel have jobs or at least some type of income or budget they need to worry about. One thing we all seem to be short of, is time. Our lives are so busy, we have jobs, homes to run, children to care for, perhaps aged parents or other types of responsibilities.

So, what is your time worth? Do you take time away from your job searching for travel arrangements? Is this actually costing you money? Could it cost you your job if your employer finds you searching for travel when you should be working??

What A Travel Agent Can Do For You

We’ve seen how much time (and possibly money) building your own vacation can cost you. Now, let’s see how a Travel Agent can change all that.

  • A Travel Agent will do all the searching for you. This doesn’t mean that we’ll just choose something randomly for you. A good agent gets to know you as a client and exactly what you want to experience on your vacation. Then we will use our time and resources to make those wants turn into reality.
  • We have the resources and relationships with suppliers to give you more than just a few choices. Many times, online DIY vacation sites just give you a small pool of rooms and flight choices based on what they are given by the hotels and airlines. Travel Agents have access to more of a variety and we are able to let you know what choice is the best value for your money.
  • Have you ever gotten on a travel website and swear the price was lower the last time you looked? As travel agents we offer price stability, because we aren’t interested in getting you to buy a more expensive flight or hotel, we are interested in getting you a great vacation so that, hopefully, you’ll use us again to plan your vacation in the future.
  • We DON’T CHARGE EXTRA FEES! Many times, booking on a travel website, you’ll be surprised by extra fees and charges. If any travel agent does charge a fee, it’s stated up front. At Wander The World, we are paid by suppliers, so our service is free of charge to you!

Wander The World With Us!

Whether you’re looking for a great cruise, a romantic getaway on a remote island, a fascinating trip to Europe or an epic road trip, we can help! We have over 20 years of experience traveling the world and our team of agents is ready to help you add to your experiences! Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • We can customize a cruise, adding excursions to enhance your trip.
  • We can help you arrange transport to and from cruise ports.
  • We can book pre-cruise and post-cruise hotel rooms.
  • We can help you rent a car.
  • We can book hotel stays in a variety of places.
  • We will remind you of important documentation you need when traveling.
  • We will help you remember things like your medications, boarding pets and other important details often overlooked when traveling.

So, call us today at (833) 292-6337 or email us at info@wandertheworld.guru. You can also chat with us on our Messenger link on the homepage of this blog. We are standing by and ready to help!

Happy Travels,

The Wander The World Team

Some Travel Tips From Wander The World

We have partnered with Travel Leaders to bring you some useful information about what right your rights are when you travel by air.

Many travelers have had to cope with at least one of these situations: Their flight is delayed, overbooked or canceled. Of course, our clients should know that we’re always watching out for them, and we can assist in getting on another flight or booking a hotel room if necessary. But it’s also important for travelers to know what rights they have – and don’t have – in these cases.

Delays and Cancellations

The law does not require airlines to compensate passengers if a domestic flight is delayed or canceled, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, each airline has its own policy regarding what, if anything, it will do for customers. For example, some carries may offer compensation in the form of meal or hotel vouchers. So it’s always good to ask.

Overbooked Flights

In the case of overbooking, Federal law comes into play. Before bumping anyone off a flight involuntarily, airlines are required to ask for volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for compensation. If there aren’t enough passengers willing to do so, the airline may bump people based on criteria such as check-in time, fare or frequent-flier status. Passengers whose arrival at their destination is delayed by one to two hours (or one to four hours for international flights) must receive compensation of 200% of the one-way far, up to $675. For a delay of more than two hours, (or four hours for international flights) passengers are entitled to 400% of the one-way fare, up to $1,350. In order to get volunteers, airlines are free to offer more money than required.

There are exceptions to the rules. Airlines are not required to issue compensation if a passenger doesn’t fully comply with ticketing and check-in procedures, if the flight is unable to accomodate a passenger because an aircraft with fewer seats is substituted due to operational or safety reasons, or if an aircraft with 60 or fewer seats is unable to accomodate the passenger due to safety reasons. And no compensation is required if the arrival delay is less than an hour.

What If I’m Stuck On The Tarmac?

Passengers who find themselves stuck on the tarmac for an extended period waiting for takeoff should know that they have rights under U.S. law, too. Airlines operating aircraft with 30 or more seats cannot allow them to remain on the tarmac for more than three hours on domestic flights or more than four hours on international flights without giving passengers an opportunity to leave the plane. Exceptions are allowed for safety, security and air-traffic control reasons. In additions, airlines must provide adequate food and water, ensure that lavatories are working and notify passengers regarding the status of the delay.

We’re Here To Help!!

At Wander The World, we’ve got your back!! So the next time you find yourself in any of the situations above, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you either find another flight or get a hotel in the city you’re delayed in!

Happy Travels!
The Team at Wander The World

(833) 292-6337 info@wandertheworld.guru www.wandertheworld.guru


5 Myths About Using A Travel Agent

Travel Agent

In the world of internet everything, a lot of people may feel that using a Travel Agent is pretty old fashioned.  Maybe you have in mind photos from years gone by where there’s a travel agent sitting in an office surrounded by maps and destination brochures, out of touch with what’s going on in the “real world”. 

We hope that this article will dispel some of those myths and help you see why using a Travel Agent to plan your next adventure is a great idea!

Myth # 1 – Using a travel agent will cost me more money

I think this is probably the # 1 thing people think of when deciding whether or not to use a travel agent to help them plan their vacations or trips.  

Some travel agents do charge a fee, but you will find that, unless they’re a luxury agency, the fees are quite marginal.  Some agencies, such as Wander The World charge no additional fees, because they are paid directly from the travel suppliers (i.e., hotels, cruise companies, etc.) 

Remember too that places like Orbitz and Expedia can charge a booking fee as well.  

Myth # 2 – I can book my own trip online without using a travel agent

While this may be true, travel agents also have access to exclusive pricing and packages that are not available to the general public or on booking sites.  We also have more leverage in situations where a hotel is claiming to be booked, when in fact they have rooms set aside for travel agent reservations.  We can turn that “no” into a “yes”!

Myth # 3 – I don’t have time to deal with a Travel Agent

A man sitting at the computer with his head in his hands, frustrated.

If you’ve ever researched and booked a trip, then you know exactly how much time it takes.  Between checking the destination for available hotels, researching recreation or dining options, booking transportation whether it be flight, rental car or both…you can spend hours preparing for your next trip.  Why not let a travel agent do all that research for you?  Letting us do the research saves you hours of time and frustration. 

Myth # 4 – Travel Agents are being replaced by the Internet

We all know just how much information is out there about travel and everything else. Although the Internet is a valuable resource, it can’t replace the personal touch that you get with a travel agent.  It also can’t replace the expertise, guidance and personal service of a travel agent.  We can even offer insider tips based on personal experience, which could potentially save you money and hassle!

Your travel agent will also be available to help you handle any mishaps or confusions on your journey.  Instead of trying to find phone numbers or contact information for hotels, transportation companies, etc., to deal with something that has happened along the way, you can just call your agent and they will work as hard as they can to set matters straight.  

A travel agent can also help you purchase traveler’s insurance for those unforeseen occurrences that can pop up.   Life is unpredictable and sometimes emergencies happen at the last minute that can ruin even the best made travel plans.  Travel insurance can keep you from losing the money you’ve spent on a vacation you now can’t go on.  

Myth # 5 – Travel Agents will never quote me the cheapest price.

A good travel agent knows the ins and out of different itineraries.  While you could find one that is cheaper, you may be trading money for headaches!  Things like longer waits at the airport or odd travel times can ruin what should be a great vacation.

A travel agent aims to bring you the best value for your hard earned money. This includes the most direct and time friendly itinerary, so you can be out there enjoying your destination!  Unless you’ve specifically stated you want the cheapest option, expect that extra value to be a factor included in whatever trip they present you with.  

In Conclusion

Using a Travel Agent can save you time, money, hassle and headaches!  The team at Wander The World would love to help you plan your next adventure!  There is no fee for using our service to receive a quote and perhaps you’ll end up going on the best vacation ever!

If you don’t need a vacation right now but know someone who is planning…please consider referring them to us!  If they book with us, you’ll receive $25 for the referral! 

Happy Travels!

The Team at Wander The World

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Wander The World

Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips

It’s that time of year when many people head out on the open road to visit family and friends over the long holiday weekend.  

family road trip

We at Wander the World want to help you have a safe and enjoyable time!  Here are some tips from AAA that we thought were perfect to share with our readers!

  • Before you set out on your trip, be sure your vehicle is up to date with all required maintenance.  Check fluids and tire pressure.  It’s a good idea to have your tires and brakes inspected before setting off on a long road trip.  (We’ve had bad brakes on Mt. Eagle, not fun!)
  • Although we live in the world of GPS and other technology, it’s not a bad idea to map out your route before you set off.  If you’re able to download your maps for offline use, you won’t get stuck somewhere because you’ve lost cell signal.  Consider leaving early if there are areas of your trip where you’ll hit heavy traffic during certain times of day.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.  Either put them in the trunk or at least cover them when you’ve left your vehicle for those inevitable bathroom breaks.  
  • If you’re traveling with children, remind them not to talk to strangers.  Accompany them to the bathroom whenever possible and give them whistles to use if they get seperated.  It may seem like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with our precious kids!
  • Have roadside assistance information on hand in case of emergency.  AAA offers their basic service for $66 for a year which covers towing up to 5 miles.  For $101 it covers towing up to 100 miles.  We’ve used them in the past and the peace of mind is well worth it. (not a sponsor, just a great service.) You can also check with your insurance carrier to see if they offer any kind of roadside assistance program before you leave.  
  • Make sure you have a cell phone charger.  You don’t want to have an emergency and have a dead cell phone!  Many roadside assistance companies even have apps that you can request help online. 

We hope that if you do embark on a road trip this holiday season that these tips will help you have a smooth and enjoyable time!  

If you get to your destination and end up needing a place to stay, don’t hesitate to give us a call at: 866-292-6337! There is no extra charge for using a travel agent and it might save you from cousin Larry’s snoring!!

Happy Travels,

The gang at Wander The World

Wander The World

20 Travel Quotes to fuel your Wanderlust!

If you are as obsessed with travel as we are, you have probably spent some time browsing travel inspiration sites.  Don’t worry, we won’t judge!  In fact, we’d like to contribute some of our own favorite travel quotes!!

Keep checking back as we’ll be updating this page often!!

Travel quotes

At times, we get so busy with our lives, we lose ourselves in the minutia.  Travel can help us step outside of the mundane and find who we truly are again.  The sea has a way of being calming, relaxing and reflective.  

travel quotes

Don’t forget as you travel, it’s not just the getting from point A to point B that’s important.  Take time to enjoy the journey, otherwise you miss the whole point of traveling!

travel quotes

Lugging around a bunch of unnecessary things through an airport or sea port isn’t fun.  Pack lightly and you’ll enjoy the journey much more! Check out this article for our favorite travel tips!

travel quotes

Stepping outside of our comfort zone and getting lost can reveal things about ourselves that we never knew.  We learn that we are strong, resilient and brave.  

travel quotes
travel quotes

Seeing the world gives you a new perspective.  It allows you to see the way other people live and experience a day in their lives.  As much as we love traveling though, isn’t there something special about laying your head on your own familiar pillow in your comfy bed??

travel quotes
travel quotes

Does your family have any funny travel stories?  Ours sure does! When the mishaps are happening they’re not so fun, but the memories they create can draw your family closer together!

travel quotes
travel quotes

Traveling can lead you to unexpected places, not only geographically but in your heart.

Travel Quotes

Great quote from a smart woman!

Travel Quotes
Travel Quotes
Travel Quotes
Travel Quotes
Travel Quotes

We love to inspire you to take more trips, enjoy more sights and gain experiences you don’t get from just staying home!!  Contact us today about getting your next adventure scheduled!! (833) 292-6337 You can also see specials, deals and upcoming trips at www.wandertheworld.guru

Happy Travels!

The Team at Wander The World

Wander The World

See The World – With Adventures By Disney™!

Adventures By Disney

World Travel doesn’t have to be intimidating with Adventures By Disney™! Just as you’ve come to expect from Disney, you’ll get world class service, visit beautiful countries, make family memories, all with just a bit of Disney™ magic!

Have you ever thought about visiting far off locations? Have you wanted to take your family on an adventure of a lifetime but haven’t been sure where to begin?  Do you want to give your kids educational experiences that will fuel their love for learning?

Enter: Adventures by Disney™!!

Amazing Destinations

Adventures By Disney™ explores more than 24 destinations on 6 continents!

Itineraries Include:

  • Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China & Japan
  • Africa
  • Australia 
  • Central America – Costa Rica
  • South America – Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Quito, Otavalo Valley, Guayaquil & Peru 
  • Europe – Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Amalfi Coast, Switzerland, London, Norway, Scotland & Spain
  • North America – Alaska, Arizona, Boston, Canadian Rockies, Disneyland and Southern California, Montana, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Utah, Vancouver, Washington D.C. & Wyoming
Adventures By Disney

Why Adventures by Disney™?

Adventures By Disney™ is the highest rated Disney vacation with lots of people booking trips again and again.  What makes people want to keep going on these adventures?  One reason is that Adventures By Disney™ specializes in families!

No one in the family will be bored on your adventures, just listening to lectures and looking at things they don’t really care about.  Your Disney Adventure Guides are specially trained to connect to all members of the family and help them become part of the story and adventure.

Disney is BIG on storytelling, because they know that stories really draw you into the history and culture of an area.

Your whole family will be engaged and able to participate in activities in each place you visit.  Disney even provides some activities for the adults only, like wine tasting and wine making classes.  But don’t worry, while you’re enjoying those activities, you kids will be taken care of by experts who will be helping them explore the area and have a great time!


On each tour, you get 2 adventure guides.  Usually, at least one of them is from the area you’re visiting.  These local guides share stories that capture the whole family’s attention, as they explain about what life is like in their country.  They teach you about their culture and traditions.  Your guide will even take family pictures so nobody is left out!

Tours with Adventures By Disney™ aren’t just sightseeing.  You are an adventurer.  You are totally immersed in the local culture, learning as you explore!  You become part of the culture, with hands on activities that really help you see what life is like in the place you’re visiting.

Watch this video to see the Adventures By Disney™ adventure guides in action! 

Just a few of the special experiences you can have in these different locations are:

  • Archery lessons in Scotland
  • Grape stomping in Greece
  • Play detective at the Louvre
  • Pretzel making in Germany
  • Winemaking lessons and tasting (adults only)
Just one of the many adventures you can have!

Hands on activities and experiences will make memories that will last a lifetime and bring your family closer together!  You’ll be talking about this trip for a long, long time!

The Difference is in the Details

Adventures By Disney™ takes care of all the details of the trip, so you can spend your time creating memories with the entire family.

Your adventure begins at the airport, where you’re met by an Adventures by Disney™ staff member, who will then whisk you off to your first stop! Transportation, luggage service and most meals and snacks are included as part of your adventure!

A concierge is available at your first hotel to help you plan your family’s free time, leaving you worry free!  

All your activities are pre-planned, so you can be sure you’ll get the most for your money. You don’t have to worry about missing out on something or not getting to do it all.

Adventures By Disney™ also offers some great behind-the-scenes experiences that many people don’t get to see!

Imagine going on a Broadway stage to learn music and dance steps from a Broadway musical! Or hoist a crate of tea into the Boston Harbour in the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum! Adventures By Disney™ let’s you have VIP experiences and do things most people can’t!


Adventures By Disney™ has received some prestigious awards!  Here are a few of them:

The Cruise Critic Award logo, which reads: 2017 Editors' Picks – Cruise Critic

EDITORS’ PICK AWARD, BEST RIVER CRUISE LINE FOR FAMILIES, 2017 – CRUISE CRITIC Adventures by Disney continues its long-standing tradition of providing first-class family entertainment for all ages, “the excellent staff encourages kids to make new friends, giving parents time to themselves.”
Travel Weekly’s Readers Choice Awards logo, which reads: 2017 Readers Choice Awards Winners

READERS CHOICE AWARD, BEST IN TOUR OPERATORS: ADVENTURE, 2017 – TRAVEL WEEKLY For the second consecutive year, Adventures by Disney was recognized as the leader in the Adventure category by the readers of Travel Weekly in their 15th Annual Readers Choice Awards.
Award star trophy icon

For the fourth consecutive year, Adventures by Disney has been celebrated as North America’s Leading Tour Operator by the global travel and tourism industry.
Award star trophy icon

NORTH AMERICA’S LEADING TOUR OPERATOR, 2016 – WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS    Adventures by Disney is honored to have been named North America’s Leading Tour Operator – an honor they have received 8 times.

For these reasons and more, Adventures By Disney™ is a great option to consider for your next family vacation!

We at Wander The World would be more than happy to book an Adventures By Disney™ vacation for you and your family.

Call us at: (833) 292-6337 or email us at info@wandertheworld.guru.  You can also visit our main website: www.wandertheworld.guru/disney for more info on all our Disney vacations!!

Happy Travels!

The Team at Wander The World

Uniworld – Luxury On the River

Continuing in our series of Cruise Line spotlights, today we’re looking at Uniworld.

Why Uniworld?

Uniworld is an Award-Winning boutique cruise line, offering amazing and exotic itineraries throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and Egypt.

In addition to offering unique destinations, luxury accommodations and world-class cuisine, they offer carefully curated shore excursions, such as golf in Northern France, Kayaking in Provence, Biking in Eastern Europe or Hiking through vineyards in Germany!

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11 Reasons to Choose Norwegian Cruise Line


Thinking of taking a cruise? With upwards of 50 cruise lines to choose from, how to you decide who you will give your business to?  Today we are looking at Norwegian Cruise Line.

We at Wander The World are going to take a few of these many cruise lines and give you some details to help you make an informed decision!

This is part one in an ongoing series of Cruise Line Spotlights.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Hawaii Right Now?

Hawaii beach

I recently took a poll about vacation destinations.  The author asked everyone where they would spend their dream vacation.  Although there were a lot of different answers, a lot of people (myself included) chose Hawaii!

But, if you’ve watched the news at all, then you’ve seen videos and pictures of smoke filled skies and lava destroying property and homes.  So, you may wonder, is it safe to travel to Hawaii? We’re here to answer a few questions and to ease your mind!

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