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5 Reasons to Use A Travel Agent

“I can find a cruise, flight, [insert trip type here] cheaper online, why would I use a travel agent?”

That is something we as travel agents hear A LOT!  So we thought we’d compile some compelling reasons why you might think about letting an experienced travel consultant book a vacation for you.

Experience: A good travel agent will take time to listen to your wants and needs and do their best to match you up with a trip that will satisfy those.  A quick booking online because of price may get you a trip, but maybe not exactly what you were expecting. 


Someone on your side: We are your advocate! If something goes wrong, call your agent and let them take care of it for you!!  We even offer travel insurance so you don’t lose money on the unexpected.


Time:  Your time is valuable! Let a travel agent take that time for you to find you the perfect trip.  Those advertised deals aren’t always what they seem, so let your agent do the research to match you with the right trip…with no unpleasant surprises!


Savings:  Often, the relationships that travel agents have with their suppliers can save you money.  Those advertised deals from the discount travel sites often don’t include certain things, which can make them appear cheaper. A travel agent can book you a package with everything included, which will save you money in the long run.

Upgrades and Perks:  Travel agents can find perks and upgrades for you that you may never have even known existed.



We hope this helps you see that booking with a travel agent is really a smart decision. We are here and ready to help you have a great experience!

Call us at (833) 292-6337 or visit www.wandertheworld.guru so we can build our relationship and work together to get you off to your next adventure!

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