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Some Tips for Traveling with kids!

Traveling With Kids

At first, it seems like it’ll be fun…let’s take the kids and go on a family road trip!!  Soon, though you find that the kids are restless and you’re about to pull your hair out!!  We’ve been there!! But here are our top three trips that will help you survive your next road trip, with all your hair!

  1. Plan time for extra stops:   We’ve all seen those sitcom Dads trying to “make good time”, on a road trip! But in reality, traveling with kids takes more time than your GPS says it will.  We usually plan to spend at least an extra hour or two on the road for bathroom stops, taking time to let the kids stretch their legs and maybe even run off some of that pent up energy (especially little ones!).  Trying to make record time on your trips is a recipe for frustration.  It may mean leaving earlier or arriving at your destination a little later, but you will be much happier!
  2. Pack snacks:  This is a no-brainer right?  The best road trips involve snacks! . Make sure the kids are able to easily access and open whatever snacks you bring.  Nothing is more frustrating than packing the snacks in the trunk and having to wait until you can stop next to quell a rumbly tummy!! Granola bars, apples, cheese sticks, small bags of chips, juice boxes or pouches and bottles of water are all great on a trip with kids.                                                                                           
  3. Gather a few activities to keep kids busy in the car:  Nowadays most kids have a tablet or our car is equipped with a DVD player, but even those can become boring after a while! On our last New  York trip, I printed and laminated some activity sheets for the younger kids and packed some dry erase crayons. They were something different to do and educational too. WIN!                                         

Hopefully these tips will help your next road trip go just a bit smoother!

Happy Travels!

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