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Pack Light and Pack Smart

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Packing may not be your favorite activity in preparing for vacation, but packing smart is a must to make sure you have a great experience!

So, what does packing light really mean? It means putting a little extra thought into what you pack, so you bring as few items as possible.  Why?

You don’t want to be lugging your belongings through the airports and cruise ports and struggling with it, when you could be enjoying the sights and the people.

You also want to have some room to bring back souvenirs and mementos your trip.  Although I’d rather bring back photos and memories, instead of doodads and trinkets, there always ends up being something that will catch my eye, will remind me of a loved one or that I will want to take home to help me remember my trip. Packing light is key to being able to do that.

I suggest for a 5-7 day vacation, that you take 1 suitcase or large backpack. You can mix and match shirts and pants.

Women can bring multi-use dresses and skirts.  Mix and match to create many different styles with just a few items.

Underwear can be washed regularly in hotel sinks or wash facilities. Your goal is to keep the weight of your luggage down, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re carrying.

I use a backpack when traveling, particularly to Europe. Even with a backpack, I still have to be aware that I have a bag on my back and watch out for and be considerate of other people. You sure don’t want the memory of knocking down another person on your trip!

This backpack is really great for weekend trips or even longer journeys.

Pack Light and Smart

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