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Uniworld – Luxury On the River

Continuing in our series of Cruise Line spotlights, today we’re looking at Uniworld.

Why Uniworld?

Uniworld is an Award-Winning boutique cruise line, offering amazing and exotic itineraries throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and Egypt.

In addition to offering unique destinations, luxury accommodations and world-class cuisine, they offer carefully curated shore excursions, such as golf in Northern France, Kayaking in Provence, Biking in Eastern Europe or Hiking through vineyards in Germany!

Culinary Excellence

Let’s talk about the FOOD!!  The meals onboard are prepared with local ingredients from the places you will visit!  So, if you’re in Italy you can dine on real Italian meals, prepared with fresh ingredients from just a few miles away!  How cool is that?  That’s really eating like a local, except you don’t have to cook!

You can also try different local wines and beers while aboard any of Uniworld’s ships.

Not all vacations need to end with you bringing home extra pounds!  For those who want some healthier options, Uniworld has a Traveling Lite menu that features all the flavors of their traditional menu, but with fewer calories.  The menus also offer options for Vegans and Vegetarians.  The staff  is happy to accommodate all your dietary  needs.  All you have to do is ask!

Want to see a sample of what’s prepared onboard?  Check out #exploreuniworld on Instagram to see what others have experienced!


Uniworld prides itself on offering their guests the best in luxury river cruising.  Each Uniworld ship is a work of art, and each ship is designed to be unique.

  • Accomodations – Your stateroom is your onboard sanctuary throughout your journey!   From hand-crafted beds with the highest quality linens, to marble-lined bathrooms, each element has been carefully designed to maximize your comfort and luxury!
  • In Suite Butler – Yes, you read that right!  On Uniworld’s European fleet (excluding Russia and Portugal) you will receive service from a specialty trained in-suite butler.
  • Shared Spaces – The luxury continues in other areas of the ship!  Plush lounges feature full-service bars where you can enjoy a drink with friends or  some after-dinner entertainment.  Catch some rays on the large Sun Deck and then enjoy a delicious meal in one of the stylish restaurants.  Afterward, ork off those calories in the well-equipped fitness area and relax in the Serenity River Spa™.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Uniworld travels to 24 countries, 18 in Europe and 6 Exotic Countries.  They offer 35 itineraries in total.

European Rivers

The Rhine is Germany’s longest river.  In Germany, it meets some of its most beautiful and important tributaries, including the Moselle and Main Rivers.  It also connects to the 106-mile Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, which joins the Rhine and Danube together.  The Danube is Europe’s second longest river.

Belgium and the Netherlands are home to the Rhine Delta and the North Sea.

The Seine River flows through the heart of Paris and continues through the countryside to Normandy and Rouen.

Rhône and Saône Rivers are in Switzerland and France.  Beautiful landscapes of sunflowers, cypress-lined avenues and vineyards line the banks of these breathtaking rivers. 

The waterways of Southern France include the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers as well as the Gironde Estuary.  This is some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe!  World-renowned truffles and goat cheeses are produced here along with dozens of prestigious wineries!

Venice Lagoon is a crescent shaped body of water between the Italian Mainland and the Adriatic Sea. The nearby Po River is a lifeline of historic cities and fishing villages.

The Douro River is listed as a World Heritage Site and will thrill you with it’sDuoro beauty.  Beautiful panoramas stretch from Porto in the center of Portugal’s wine production to Spain.

Europe’s longest river is the Volga, and it has played a very important role in the lives of Russians through the centuries.  Nearly half of Russia’s population lives near the Volga!

          Exotic Rivers


The Ganges River is India’s holiest river and daily many devout Hindus visit the river to drink and bathe, wash away their sins, scatter ashes of dead loved ones and make offerings to Mother Ganga. 

One of the longest rivers in the world is the Nile River. Uniworld guests have the opportunity to wander among the ancient ruins and religious complexes, and the Temple of Luxor.  Guests can even enjoy a home visit with a local family, immersing themselves in the culture of Egypt.

China is home of the Yangtze River and it has served for centuries as an aquatic highway, flowing nearly 6,400 kilometers!  Uniworld cruises offer guests views of the Three Gorges, a place renown for its mystical beauty.  On this unforgettable journey you’ll see towering limestone walls, strange rock formations, cloud-covered mountain peaks and beautiful water tinted the essence of jade.

MekongThe Mekong River flows through 5 countries, from the mountains of Tibet to the South China Sea.  It’s a vital link between the cities, towns, and villages clustered among it’s shores and serves as an economic lifeline and stoic witness of the region’s complex and troubled past.

Exclusive Experience and Excursions

The point of traveling is to see the world!! So, instead of just being stuck on a ship your entire vacation, Uniworld offers some amazing once-in-a-lifetime excursions for you to enjoy!

Uniworld has quite a few active excursions for you to choose from, so you can really get out there and experience the places you visit.  “Walking Discovery” tours let you explore at a more leisurely pace.  Many of the onshore excursions are included in your cruise fare.

Hiking and Biking Excursions (European Cruises)


Put on your walking shoes and head out for a hike with provided Nordic walking poles. Discover vineyards and castles, all the while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and getting some exercise!

If you’re into biking, you will be provided with a bicycle and an expertly trained guide as you see sites from WWII to present day.

Golf and Kayaking

In addition to walking or biking you can enjoy golf in Northern France when you book the Paris & Normandy Cruise.

Visit Golf d’Etretat, a spectacular links course on Normandy’s Alabaster coast. This is one of France’s top-rated courses.  The Mont-Saint-Aignan near Rouen is a great course for veteran golfers or beginners alike!

Imagine Kayaking along the Gardon River, and seeing an a 2,000 year old Roman aqueduct!  On the “Burgundy and Province” itinerary you’ll be able to enjoy this well preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site!

So Many Reasons to Book With Uniworld!

You’re going to love cruising with Uniworld!  They offer luxurious accommodations and food aboard their boutique cruise ships, active and amazing shore excursions at their amazing destinations that will leave you inspired!

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Happy Travels!

The Team at Wander The World


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