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Why A Travel Agent Will Save You TIME and MONEY


When it’s time to plan a trip, how do you go about it? Do you get online, pouring over travel websites, comparing prices and itineraries? How much time does that cost you?

Most Americans, when planning a vacation follow the steps above. In fact, according to Expedia’s article, The American Traveler’s Path To Purchase, more than 3 out of 5 users consume travel content. This means looking up things like hotel rooms, flights, resorts, attractions, etc. The closer the trip gets, the more time is spent on these types of websites.

How much time are Americans spending? Something to the tune of 8.7 BILLION hours (Jan 2015-April 2016) in a 15 month period, with the numbers going up all the time! For most of us, time is money. How much money does all this time cost you?

What Is Your Time Worth?

Most people searching for travel have jobs or at least some type of income or budget they need to worry about. One thing we all seem to be short of, is time. Our lives are so busy, we have jobs, homes to run, children to care for, perhaps aged parents or other types of responsibilities.

So, what is your time worth? Do you take time away from your job searching for travel arrangements? Is this actually costing you money? Could it cost you your job if your employer finds you searching for travel when you should be working??

What A Travel Agent Can Do For You

We’ve seen how much time (and possibly money) building your own vacation can cost you. Now, let’s see how a Travel Agent can change all that.

  • A Travel Agent will do all the searching for you. This doesn’t mean that we’ll just choose something randomly for you. A good agent gets to know you as a client and exactly what you want to experience on your vacation. Then we will use our time and resources to make those wants turn into reality.
  • We have the resources and relationships with suppliers to give you more than just a few choices. Many times, online DIY vacation sites just give you a small pool of rooms and flight choices based on what they are given by the hotels and airlines. Travel Agents have access to more of a variety and we are able to let you know what choice is the best value for your money.
  • Have you ever gotten on a travel website and swear the price was lower the last time you looked? As travel agents we offer price stability, because we aren’t interested in getting you to buy a more expensive flight or hotel, we are interested in getting you a great vacation so that, hopefully, you’ll use us again to plan your vacation in the future.
  • We DON’T CHARGE EXTRA FEES! Many times, booking on a travel website, you’ll be surprised by extra fees and charges. If any travel agent does charge a fee, it’s stated up front. At Wander The World, we are paid by suppliers, so our service is free of charge to you!

Wander The World With Us!

Whether you’re looking for a great cruise, a romantic getaway on a remote island, a fascinating trip to Europe or an epic road trip, we can help! We have over 20 years of experience traveling the world and our team of agents is ready to help you add to your experiences! Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • We can customize a cruise, adding excursions to enhance your trip.
  • We can help you arrange transport to and from cruise ports.
  • We can book pre-cruise and post-cruise hotel rooms.
  • We can help you rent a car.
  • We can book hotel stays in a variety of places.
  • We will remind you of important documentation you need when traveling.
  • We will help you remember things like your medications, boarding pets and other important details often overlooked when traveling.

So, call us today at (833) 292-6337 or email us at info@wandertheworld.guru. You can also chat with us on our Messenger link on the homepage of this blog. We are standing by and ready to help!

Happy Travels,

The Wander The World Team

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