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Why Travel?


Travel is an experience.

There are many different reasons people travel.  Some people travel to visit family and friends and maybe they never travel for any other reason.

Others travel because they want new experiences, new ideas, to taste new foods or to see new things.

Regardless of the reason you travel, honestly the most important thing is the experience itself. There is nothing like flipping through the pages of your memory and remembering the highlights.

When I think back on my travels, some of the things that stand out are:

  • My first sight of the Pacific Islands, like Bora Bora.
  • Standing at the foot of the Swiss Alps, in the rain, looking up, just the sheer awe of it all.
  • Flying over the mountains of Chile’.
  • Standing on the cliffs in Peru.


travel 2

Aside from the beauty that I’ve seen on my travels, one thing that made a big impression on me was the people I’ve met. Whenever I think about the people, there are always stories to go along with those memories, like making new friends in the Falklands and Barcelona.

Especially when I think of Barcelona, I remember it as a city of beautiful people, always smiling and so kind. I remember being there, walking in the city and feeling safe and at peace.

If you take the time to get to know even just a couple of the people you meet when you take a trip, you’ll really get to know more about the area you’re in.  The locals have stories you can’t find anywhere else.  They’ve got the inside knowledge of where they live, and can take you off the beaten path and help you discover something you may never have seen otherwise.

Barcelona, a city full of beautiful, smiling people

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the excitement of taking a cab in Rome or even just crossing the street in Rome for the first time.

Travel, regardless of the reason is an experience. Whether it’s the sights, sounds, tastes, smells or the people that you meet. The experience of travel is amazing. There’s nothing quite like it. And everyone should have the opportunity to experience those highlights in every trip.

Our travel consultants are ready to help you have an experience like this. Please feel free to contact us and let’s get planning an amazing adventure together!

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